Jeffery J. Crandall, Estate Planning Law Specialist

Jeffery J Crandall Crandall Law Best Estate Planning Idaho, Washington, California

Crandall Law Group is pleased to announce that Jeff Crandall is newly certified as an Estate Planning Law Specialist (EPLS). This is a very prestigious award, given only to exceptional legal professionals, and is one of the few specialist certifications recognized by the Idaho State Bar.  Jeff joins only a handful of attorneys in the State of Idaho who have earned the designation of Estate Planning Law Specialist (EPLS).

The Estate Law Specialist Board, Inc., an attorney-run affiliate of the National Association of Estate Planners & Councils, is the only program accredited by the American Bar Association for certifying an attorney as an Estate Planning Law Specialist. Certification demonstrates that the attorney possesses superior knowledge and experience and allows the attorney to advertise and identify himself as a “specialist.”  

To become an Estate Planning Law Specialist, an attorney must devote at least one-third of his practice to estate planning for a minimum of five years, pass a grueling comprehensive examination, and receive multiple recommendations from other attorneys.

Jeff has practiced estate planning in North Idaho and Washington for more than two-decades and recently founded Crandall Law Group with his son, Ryan Crandall.  He describes Crandall Law Group as “a boutique law firm focusing solely in the fields of business and estate planning.” 

Their offices are located at 8596 N. Wayne Dr, Ste. B in Hayden, Idaho.